Dear Breeder

Rent a Bull is a unique way to make an annual income by marketing Stud Bulls.

We are looking for stud breeders to join us in this venture. Breeders struggle to get decent prices for their bulls and usually spend thousands to get their Bulls market-ready; which then get sold for much less than the initial 3 year investment by the breeder.

With Rent a Bull we don’t sell the Bull, we lease it to other breeders. We upload photos, a video and a three generation family tree with breeding values of the Bull onto our website.

This means that breeders and commercial farmers from around the country are able to view and choose from our selection of Bulls. They choose the Bull suited for their needs and then lease the Bull for a period of 4 years.
Fees are paid beforehand on a yearly basis.
With a yearly premium of R10 000.00 and two rentals, you are looking at an income of R80 000.00 over the lifetime of your Bull, which is a lot more than the average price you will get at an auction.

With Rent a Bull the client also have the added value of;
1. No cash flow issues
2. Studs are returned or exchanged every 4 years; which means no inbreeding

This is a cost-effective way for farmers to improve their herds and breeding material from around the country is now available to everyone, all in one place.

Visit our site to see how it works. Your bull remains your property and doesn’t leave your farm until the leasing process has been completed and payment made.

We have limited space, for breeders of each different breed, to join us in this venture, so join us and we’ll put your bull on the market.

Contact us from the website or via email  or phone us on 083 400 3331

Kind regards
Mike Marks


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